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  • Victoria Day, Royal Weddings and Fraud

    This weekend is the unofficial start of summer here in Canada, with the first long weekend of the season. It is the Victoria Day weekend, … More

    Victoria Day, Royal Weddings and Fraud
  • Mother’s Day

    There is a great anecdote in the book “Eccentric Orbits - The Iridium Story” that I reviewed in a previous post. It was May 9, 2004. The … More

    Mother’s Day
  • Tales from the Telecom Trenchs

    I am a long time voracious reader. It is a habit developed as a kid and I’ve kept it up throughout my life. Usually, in the hour before … More

    Tales from the Telecom Trenchs
  • Bell Wholesale Road Show

    I had the pleasure of attending a half day road show on Wednesday put on Bell Wholesale. They reached out to me and other carriers, telcos, … More

    Bell Wholesale Road Show
  • AurorA Newsletter is Launching !

    AurorA and Amitel are pleased to announce that our inaugural newsletter will launch next week. The newsletter will be sent out twice a … More

    AurorA Newsletter is Launching !