AurorA provides wholesale international MPLS circuits.

It is so frustrating. You have put in the time and effort to cultivate the prospect and they love your approach and offering but they decide to put their MPLS data network onto the big carrier because you can’t provide service to their London, UK office (or maybe it was Sydney, or Singapore or….)

You are proud of your service offering, it is top notch , second to none in Canada and the United States. Now is the time to add international to your offering. Let AurorA provide the solution to all your concerns about extending your networks overseas.

AurorA will provide you with wholesale MPLS data connections to almost anywhere in the world. You can then package it to your customer to provide them with a complete solution. AurorA has over 20 years of experience in wholesaling International Telecommunications. We provide a boutique, concierge approach to meet all of your MPLS needs. AurorA can arrange for end to end project management, arrange for the local loops at the far end country, and can quote and bill you here in Canada in a single currency, United States dollars.

The advantages to you as a Solution Provider are manifold. Immediately you can increase your revenue by not having to turn away customers with overseas offices. You maintain full control of the accounts by simply reselling AurorA’s service, transparently to the end customer. All without having to extend time and resources to trying to source and assemble pieces and to hedge foreign currencies.

Let’s get started on your international expansion today. Contact us via the form on this website or via Twitter @TimoVainionpaa