Payment Solutions

Preferential rates for Payment Processing and Merchant Services

Amitel now offers payment processing and merchant services in conjunction with its partner Zomaron.

When Amitel provided international telecom to a retail and consumer customer base, one of the things I dreaded each month was the bill from Moneris who handled my credit card transactions. I am an engineer by training, and not an accountant, but for the life of me I could not follow the statements to know exactly what I was paying and why. The low percentage originally quoted to accept a Visa or Master card was not what I ended up paying due to all of the fees and hidden charges.

So when I met Zomaron at the Canadian ISP Summit in November, 2018 I instantly understood the value that they bring. They are a Canadian company, headquartered in London, ON, whose mission is to provide simplicity and transparency to merchant services. They provide a side-by-side comparison and show you where your current provider is inflating fees and adding additional charges .

Where they really shine is in the support; next day deposits so you don’t have to wait for your funds, 24/7 customer service, PCI compliance (hugely important in todays data hacking world) and highly trained people.

They told me how they helped one of their customers, an ISP, save over $100K annually on their payment processing ! That is money that flows directly to the bottom line !

That is why Amitel has chosen Zomaron as its partner for payment services. I really want to help you save money on your credit card transactions too. So click the link below for a pdf on our partnership and then the “Find out more” button on that page.

Amitel Offer Sheet