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  • Celebration

    As Canada is a multi-cultural nation, many of you are probably aware of the two big celebrations going on. For much of the Asian world, … More

  • Networking Pendulum

    What was once old, is new again One of the benefits of age is perspective. You notice that many of the “new” ideas are simply old ones … More

    Networking Pendulum
  • 2020 Vision

    Photo Credit ; Carmi Levy, @carmilevy more at http://writteninc.blogspot.com/ The world does not need another blog post about … More

    2020 Vision
  • Arctic Fiber Optic Cables

    Sea ice melting in the Arctic A week before Christmas, I shared a story on Twitter from Capacity (here) magazine about a new 2,000 km … More

    Arctic Fiber Optic Cables
  • BlackBerry Town

    It has been a while since I have written about what I have been reading. So here is a book review on one that may not be on your radar, but … More

    BlackBerry Town