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  • ISP Summit – Day 2

    The Canadian telecom and Internet regulatory model is broken. The basic premise is that the regulator, the CRTC, puts rules in place to … More

    ISP Summit – Day 2
  • ISP Summit – Day 1

    The obligatory pre-conference photo ! Beyond Connectivity Those were the words of Matt Stein, the President and Chair of CNOC to open … More

    ISP Summit – Day 1
  • Who wore it better ?

    I posted this earlier last week on LinkedIn and Twitter. In September I had some new social media profile pictures taken, and for the last … More

    Who wore it better ?
  • 2018 Canadian ISP Summit

    Monday, November 5th, 2018 is the start of this year’s Canadian ISP Summit to be held at the Toronto Mariott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel. … More

    2018 Canadian ISP Summit
  • i3Forum and the Fight Against Fraud

    In 2007, eight of the world’s leading carriers set up the i3Forum. It was initially meant to expedite the international telecommunication’s … More

    i3Forum and the Fight Against Fraud