Billing Solutions

Amitel, through our partner Datex, is proud to offer a suite of services for billing for any size of Communications Service Provider.


When Amitel provided International Telecommunications services to a retail consumer customer base, it trusted Datex for all aspects of its BSS/OSS. The customer CRM database, all invoicing (no more monthly stuffing envelopes evenings !), integration of all payments (whether credit card, debit, cheque etc) and trouble ticket tracking. Also, rating of international calls could be challanging with weekly rate changes and a dial plan with over 30,000 lines of destination codes! But for Datex, it was a breeze.

That is why Amitel is pleased to partner with Datex to provide you with solutions for your billing needs. I was a customer and I can speak to the value that they provide. They provided me with huge value that let me concentrate on running the business itself. If your operation has grown and you need solutions to your back office pain points and billing nightmares then give me a call.

Lets get started. To contact Amitel regarding Cloud Based Billing Systems, please reach us via the form on this website, via Twitter or our Facebook or LinkedIn company pages.

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