Your friend in Telecom

There is so much to do in running a modern telecommunications company;

– How do we increase our stagnant top line revenue ?
– What customers should we be targeting for growth?
– How can we increase our gross margin and can we scale it further?
– Should we be moving more operations to the cloud ?

There are issues in the front office facing the customer. There are issues in the back office, controlling the S,G & A expenses. And issues in the Cost of Sales to maximize the Gross Margin.

But there never is enough time or resources to address all of these pressing issues.

Don’t you wish you had a Friend in Telecom who could help you address all the pressing questions ?

Well, you do.

Call me, Amitel, Timo… Your Friend in Telecom.

I can help.

It can be as simple as a one-off brain-storming session, to a longer term project commitment. It can be a project that has been neglected because you don’t have the time or the resources. Or maybe you realize you don’t have that certain specialized expertise in house and need to bring in some veteran, seasoned telecom experience.

Call me, I can help.

Amitel also brings partnerships with reliable, trusted, experienced companies that can provide value in;

– Payment Processing and Merchant Services More here
– Cloud based SaaS billing for all sizes of Service Providers More here
– Data privacy and security More here
– Cloud Contact Center as a Service More here

Let’s get started today. Contact Amitel via the form on this website, via Twitter or our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


An entrepreneur and engineer, Timo has over 30 years experience in the telecom sector. He founded AurorA International Telecommunications Inc. in 1994 to provide wholesale international telecom services to carriers in Canada, the U.S.A. and overseas. Timo has also founded Amitel and AMI Telecommunications (US) Inc..

After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a BASc (Applied Science) he began his career in telecom at CNCP Telecommunications Inc, Bell Canada & General DataComm before being an executive at ACC TeleEnterprises. He helped grow ACC when it went public on the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges and provided technical oversight to ACC UK in England. He has held board positions on several private and public companies in Canada and in New Zealand.

Twitter @TimoVainionpaa
Phone (888) 222-8353 (888-222-TELE)