Fraud Control

A key component of AurorA’s Premium Voice Termination Offering is also providing vigilant Telecom Fraud mitigation.

International Wholesale Telecommunications has become a high volume, low margin industry. That is why we believe that you should trust your traffic to a partner who provides value beyond simply completing calls at “the lowest rate” via Least Cost Routing (LCR). That approach can actually cost you big time ! You want a partner who provides high quality service and is motivated in protecting you and your customers from fraud, because even a single money-losing event is one too many and can wipe away any perceived per-minute savings in an instant.

How does AurorA mitigate and minimize the losses to the criminal gangs and hackers ?

  • – Identify suspicious traffic
  • – Provide timely alerts
  • – Block the suspicious traffic (while ensuring customer doesn’t reroute call to next route on their guide)
  • – Maintain a database and continue to block previous identified fraudulent destinations
  • – Regular reports of suspicious blocked call attempts
  • – Ensure a meticulous, accurate worldwide dial plan

At AurorA we go a step beyond pro-actively blocking suspicious traffic streams immediately upon an alert (for all of our customers). Blocking is only part of the solution. To keep your route guide from automatically going to the next choice, the proper non-routable ISUP/SIP release code is sent to indicate fraud blocked numbers so that it doesn’t just propagate through the route guide.

By maintaining a database of fraud events, we can also pro-actively block specific numbers/ranges where fraud has been detected before. Traffic is then monitored for any call attempts made to known fraudulent numbers as well as to any unallocated number ranges.

Calls to unallocated numbers may be fraud as well. A hacker may make a deal with the number range owner in the far end country, usually in a low volume, high cost destination for exclusive rights to certain of these number ranges. Often they are called premium or “special” (more here) AurorA provides regular reports of call attempts made to such numbers that can be a warning sign of criminals testing your network, to see if calls complete to their chosen fraudulent numbers.

The key is to ensure that your dial plan is constantly up-to-date with current worldwide numbering (updated weekly) and that you avoid using carriers that have a plethora of such premium or special number ranges on their dial plans (more here). Further safety can come by pro-actively blocking high-rate destinations where you know that your end customer base has no call volume to. AurorA regularly provides lists of high-risk destinations for pro-active blocking by its customers. Special attention must especially be given to Caribbean destinations (more here)

Finally, AurorA has been accepted as a member, specifically as a Friend of the i3Forum. The i3Forum brings together the expertise of the international telecommunications industry, comprised of  30 of the largest international carriers in the world. In the #FightAgainst Fraud, the i3Forum provides guidelines to the Industry on fraud-related matters from a wholesale carrier perspective and support to the members on current fraud events. (more here)

Choose to use a quality, reputable carrier who you trust with your overseas calls.
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