IP Transit

What Is Ip Transit ?

Unlike the service you use at home to access the Internet, such as dedicated Internet access or mass market broadband, IP transit is a special way of accessing the Internet. It not only allows you to access the Internet, but also allows Internet traffic to pass through or “transit” through the equipment. Once your network is connected by IP transit, it becomes a constituent of the Internet – one of the networks that makes up the network of networks.

Public ISPs use IP transit, but they are not alone. Businesses, universities, National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs), Financial institutions and other entities also purchase IP transit. In fact, any entity can buy IP transit from a Tier 1 ISP or any other wholesale provider, provided they get an Autonomous System Number (ASN). An ASN is required of any entity that wishes to connect their network to the Internet. An autonomous system is defined as one that can exchange routing information with other neighbouring autonomous systems.

A Tier 1 Internet provider uses unpaid peering only to connect to the Internet. In peering, usually in carrier neutral datacenters or Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), the Tier 1 providers interconnect with each other to exchange Internet traffic. There are many advantages to buying IP transit directly from a Tier 1 providers, such as Tata Communications

  • Flexiblity and Scalablity
  • The Network is Redundent and Reliable
  • Dense Footprint
  • Shortest Possible Path and Minimal Latency

Similar to our focus on the Voice side in only providing Premium Quality, for IP Transit AurorA has partnered with Tata Communications as they are the leading global Tier 1 Internet provider. Their network and reach are unmatched. Here are some key benefits of Tata’s IP Transit Service

  • Reliability
    • 20+ Tbps backbone with diverse fibre design spanning across 6 continents
    • 240+ Internet PoPs and 21 DDOS scrubbing farms spread across globally
    • Self-owned & managed cable systems
    • Industry leading SLAs
    • IPv4/IPv6 fully dual stack network (100% of POPs are IPv6 ready)
  • Single AS with extended reach
    • Short RTD & routing path
    • 240,000+ Km of round-the-globe 
cable systems
    • Only Tier-1 provider that is in the top five in five continents, by internet routes
    • Over 30% of the world’s internet routes are on Tata Communications’ network
  • Direct Connectivity
    • Direct Access to 70% of world’s Top 20 Content providers – Including the Top 5
    • Global end-user base through our 600+ ISP customers from over 50 countries
    • Directly connect with Top ISPs in North America, Europe, APAC, MENA and Africa regions
    • Extend to India & other emerging 
markets with the most express routes
  • Capacity
    • 100G Enabled Backbone
    • 100G Customer Ports turned up 
within 30 days at most locations
    • Scale with burstable service 
option with 95th percentile traffic- based billing
  • High Support Standard
    • Flexible billing and technical options to address your requirements
    • 24×7 customer support for managing and monitoring circuits with highly qualified technicians 
at 5 global service contact centres

Tata Communications’ IP transit service is designed specifically for those seeking to grow internationally and connect global workforces. Tata Communications’ global network includes one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks and a Tier-1 IP network with connectivity to more than 240 countries and territories across 400 PoPs, as well as over one million square-feet of data center and colocation space worldwide.

Let AurorA get you started on upgrading your Internet connectivity via Tata IP Transit. To contact AurorA regarding IP Transit, please reach us via the form on this website, via Twitter or our Facebook or LinkedIn company pages.

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