Data Protection

Intruders Cannot Steal What is Not There

Amitel, through our partner Datex, is proud to offer DataStealth.

DataStealth Overview

The Problem
• Companies are being breached every day
• Clearly traditional vendor solutions are no longer working
• Somebody needed to come up with a different approach
• Meet DataStealth

The Solution
• Stop trying to prevent intruders from gaining access to an IT environment as a way of protecting data and documents
• Instead, remove private/confidential/sensitive data BEFORE it enters an environment
• If the environment is ever breached, regardless of the type of breach involved, there is no private/confidential/sensitive data to steal
• With DataStealth, “Intruders Cannot Steal What Is Not There”

Popular Use Cases
• Data Protection with no development
• Encryption/Tokenization to protect data at rest, in transit, and in use
• Reduce annual PCI Compliance scope by 95%
• Protect data in the Cloud or traditional infrastructure
• GDPR keeping you up at night? Not anymore