Telecom Fraud in the time of Covid19

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You are all well aware of the unusual times we are living through. Our national resolve is strong and it is impressive and gratifying to see people all over our land pulling together and doing what is necessary for us to manage through this crisis. Telecom service providers are no exception and our networks have proved to be reliable and robust enough to meet the challenges.

Self isolation has led to a boom in international telephone traffic as people check in on their family, friends and loved ones, especially ones who are overseas as the virus is a global pandemic.

These times have also led to a dramatic increase in telecom fraud of all kinds. Yes, spoofing and fake emails and phishing online is exploding, but so also is wangiri fraud, PBX hacking and International Simple Resale Fraud.

Take extra precautions to guard your voice networks for fraud, as the hackers of the world like to operate when they think network supervision may be low such as now when people are working remotely, and otherwise occupied with providing service. At AurorA, we will remain vigilant on your behalf as well.

Stay safe. We will get through this together.