Global Local Numbers

Your new Direct-to-Consumer luxury fashion business has taken off. From your home base in Montreal you’ve got the attention of discerning fashionistas in London, Milan , Hong Kong and Tokyo. Now how can you further serve your customers by making it easy for them to reach you when they have questions or concerns that just cant be answered in an email or text ?

That is where our Local Number Service (LNS) comes in.

Your business can look like a local player and gain global access with local numbers accessible from any network (mobile, landline or payphone) in the origin country. Those customers in Milan can make a local call that rings you in Montreal directly to ask about your supply chain or sourcing. LNS is ideal for customer service as overseas callers simply dial a local number and we deliver the call to you.

Local Number Service is easy and cost-effective. It is quick and reliable and can be provisioned with a short lead time.

So the next time your business needs city specific numbers accessible from worldwide locations , call us and let us help you serve the world.