Remain Vigilant over the Holidays

It is an unfortunate fact that the fraudsters of the world like to plan their attacks on holidays when network supervision may not be at its highest.

Please remember to be vigilant this Holiday season and guard access to your switches.

AurorA has to deliver any traffic that is sent to it , so you are responsible for any unauthorized access to your network. AurorA will pass on any alerts that it gets of suspicious traffic patterns. AurorA has also implemented automatic blocking of B numbers once we detect a suspicious fraudulent traffic pattern in an attempt to minimize losses. In the New Year I will highlight on this blog other steps that we have taken such as the weekly reports of suspicous call attempts, revamped dial plan and intensified focus on high quality terminating routes.

Have a safe and happy Holiday season, and to those celebrating, Merry Christmas !

Timo Vainionpaa